Glued laminated timber from the manufacturer (glulam)

The company “Sever Les” is selling products across the Russian cities. In Kazan and Kirov our products are in big demand. You can order glue laminated timber in Perm or Moscow, but also in other regions directly on the website.

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GLULAM dry profiled with a cup according to project




from 19000

GLULAM PROFILED (without preservative) of natural humidity


from 9500

Production of glued laminated timber

At the moment it has become extremely popular to use as a building material the glued laminated products that are made from high quality softwood. This material consists of several layers. The first stage of production is a selection of necessary and matching the requirements logs, which are subjected to drying using a special technology that eliminates all unnecessary moisture from the wood. Learn more about the first stage of production of glued laminated timber.

The next stage - is the culling of dried boards and checking the moisture level by special sensors. If this level is higher than the permissible then the boards are sent for further drying. Boards that passed this selection are processed and converted into lamellae. The composition of the timber often includes at least three lamellae; the direction of fibers when they are stowed must be opposite to each other; this contributes to a durable gluing of fibers and high strength. Learn more about the second stage of production of the glued laminated timber.

In the next stage of production lamellae are glued together under pressure on a hydraulic press, and then they are subjected to finishing treatment. Thus the glulam becomes the wood trim. Production is impossible without the glue made from natural materials, so this timber is considered to be an eco-friendly material. Lear more about the third stage of production of the glued laminated timber.

Houses made of glued timber

Such houses made of glued laminated timber are becoming an extremely popular right now. Lamellae for construction of such houses are spliced up to 20 meters. Construction from these products is widespread; houses are assembled directly in the enterprise. When buying the model of a house, it is disassembled and every detail is marked, then the finished house is sent to the right address. The assembly of the house at site will not cause any difficulties because all the details are packed according to the marking, and component parts of the house are not deformed during the transportation due to the fact that manufacturers took care of its unique qualities.

Projects of the houses are various – this is one of the stages of the company’s operations. The next stage is the selection and production of materials for building, and then construction of timber houses.

In addition to the houses our company can manufacture other buildings such as bathhouses. You can also see photos of the glued laminated timber.

Every client will be pleasantly surprised by the cost which is quite affordable!