Rounded log and ready-made log-houses directly from the manufacturer

Main activities of the industrial and commercial company Sever Les:

  1. Production of rounded log, pellets, different types of facing boards (weatherboards), floor boards and other timber;

  2. Development of projects of houses, bathhouses and pavilions made of rounded log;

  3. Construction of houses, bathhouses, outdoor amenities, pavilions, bridges, water wells and benches according to prepared projects;

  4. Sale of ready-made sets for self-assembly at your construction site.


Rounded log prices

The price appeal of our products makes possible the sales all over the country: Moscow, Mari El, Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Udmurtia, Crimea, Middle and South Ural.

The Sever Les Company as a manufacturer guarantees the perfect quality of the products and is always ready for conclusion of agreements and communication with customers.

When choosing a project or construction materials we are always ready to provide information support to customers from our competent specialists.

Ready-made sets of houses, pavilions, bathhouses of rounded log

The complete set includes:

  • Rounded log according to the project

  • Detailed documentation

  • Jute

  • Dowels

  • Underlay boards

  • Floor and ceiling rim boards

  • Subfloor

  • Rafters

  • Lath


So you get a ready-made set for self-assembly at site. For example, take a look at this house if you want to know the detailed description of the set contents.

Sever Les has its own production base and takes on lease forest areas in our region, thereby always having the raw materials in stock and ensuring the smooth operation of the enterprise.

Structural timber and rounded log are manufactured exactly according to the defined parameters thanks to the line Sherwood PF-32 in the manufacture workshop.

Workshops are equipped in accordance with all modern requirements and produce the high-quality profile (diameter from 180 to 320 mm) using the Finnish technology.

Impregnation of rounded log for extended service life of a log house.


The service life of constructions (houses, bathhouses, log houses) made of rounded log significantly increases due to the use of water-blocking preservative-impregnation Neomid-500 during the production processing. It protects against negative processes in the wood: decay, stain; and is used as a preventive measure.

Rounded log and timber from Sever Les equals always the reasonable price and high quality.